Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

Contemporary Museum  Honolulu, Hawaii  2001

Bridge 2001
48″ x 120″ x 9″


When art and science collide in the fluid stream of human consciousness, gods and demons are taxonomically categorized, and the unruly assumptions of objective reason are set free from their prisons at the base of human consciousness.


Bridge (detail)
Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow 76" x 34" x 20"
Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow
76″ x 34″ x 20″
D.N.F. side view
Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow
Our Fathers     2001 19" x 56" x 5"
Our Fathers 2001
19″ x 56″ x 5″
Permutations     2001
Permutations 2001
Permutation #3     2001 48" x 18"
Permutation #3 2001
48″ x 18″
Pongid/Hominid Transition     2001 24" x 55" x 7"
Pongid/Hominid Transition 2001
24″ x 55″ x 7″


In 2001, the Contemporary Museum of Honolulu offered me opportunity to exhibit. The body of  works visited each phase of my personal development. A new concept was The Bridge, a construct of thirteen separate vessels, assembled on site to form a free standing Roman arch. It was a new organizational principle, in that it offered a structural assemblage of identical elements, each of which was writ upon differently depending upon where in the structure it was located. It was the first work of mine which modeled cultural construction.