The Pongid/Hominid Behavioral Transition

The Pongid-Hominid Behavioral Transition
Gold/Clay 23″ x 44″ x 8″

I began creating models constructed from several vessels, molded to be alike, yet separated by the application of text. The texts expressed the personal elements of my experience, and simultaneously functioned to distinguish the near identical individual vessels as aspects of a larger construct. I excerpted texts from my father’s evolutionary writings on human evolution which i felt did both:

"The environmental challenges to a naked clawless biped, with short jaws and small low canine teeth must have been enormous..."

Pulsations #4 30"h x 300"w x 8"d 1987
Pulsations #4
30″h x 300″w x 8″d
Hollow Nails 26"h x 180"w x 3"d 1988
Hollow Nails
26″h x 180″w x 3″d